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Why Digital Marketing ?

With half of the World's population (3.5 Billion) is on the Internet,so the companies have to make a paradigm shift to the Internet Marketing.

Companies around the globe are spending extensively on Digital Marketing.Business Enterprises will be vacant without web presence and they can't survive in the market without Internet Marketing.Thus, the scope of this sector is skyrocketing. Digital Marketing professionals are high in demand,that's why Govt. of India is also encouraging literacy in Digital Marketing .

Being a Digtal Marketer is a reputable career option .So , make your career in the most lucrative industry, as a Digital Marketing Campaign Manager , SEO Expert and Analyst, Social Media Expert,Affiliate Marketer and ultimately a Freelancer.

Digital Marketing Overview

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Evolution of Digital Marketing, Internet Working Process and the need to Promote Products Online.Lead generation with case study

Microsites & Landing Pages

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Learn how company's develop different platforms with CTA for specific requirements and their role in Conversion.

Pay Per Click

google seo course

Understanding different Models of Paid Advertisement and their applications in search network and Google display network.

Google Adword

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In depth knowledge of Google's Paid Advertising Software, Conversion Tracking, Bid Adjustment, Measure ROI through reporting.

Keyword Generator

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Soul of Paid Marketing, different tools to generate keywords, analyze their performance and forecast with actual budget

Campaign Builder

search engine optimization course

Build your Search/Display Advertising Campaign from Scratch using different types of advertisements with keyword match types with bidding systems.

Conversion Tracking

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Now learn about converting your visitors into actual customers and set the conversion tracking for the results

Website Builder

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Now learn about building your own website for any type of business using Wordpress and various free plugins.

Display Advertisement

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You will learn about the Mighty Google Display Network that includes Google display partners and video network placements of ads in different sizes and its impacts.

Adsense & Bloging

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How to create blogs using Google's free platforms and integrate adsense for publishers, making money out of it.

Google Analytics & Webmaster

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Learn the role of Google Analytics in tracking Online audiences, submitting websites through search console.

Video Advertisement

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Creating Video advertisements on third party websites and applications.

Mobile Advertisement

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Marketing products on Mobile apps on Android and IOS platforms, generating numbers database for advertisement.

Google Shopping Ads

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Learn how to take your business online, create e-commerce website, generating leads.

Search Engine Marketing

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Most important part of Digital marketing, how to rank your business in top results on every platform search and display network.

Social Media Marketing

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Promoting your business through various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, pinterest etc.

Content Marketing

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Content is vital for every business, learn how to generate leads out of targeted audience through it.

Email Marketing

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Creating Email ID databases, building Email Campaigns, bringing traffic on our websites and conversion .

Affilate Marketing

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Integrate affiliate strategies with online marketing, earn money and income calculation.

Freelancing Projects

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Learn how to get projects through various freelancing platforms, and be a successful freelancer and digital marketing expert.

The Ideal Learning For Impeccable Development.

Improve Your Insight

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less cost exceptional yields

Employer stability

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Advanced advertising is the past, present and future of the promoting scene

360 Degree Appraisal

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