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Web Designer

Web Developer

Web Designing Course

Website designing is the front end website designing that includes HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT & jQuery. Practical Training is provided in all the designing languages mentioned above. Web Designing is a 3 Months process in which students will be able to create web pages effectively with their creativity.

Web Development Course

Web development broadly includes all the tasks that are related to development of a website, our expert training modules focuses on various client side or server side languages such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, WordPress, C++. JAVA, SQL, Python and much more. We ensure 100% practical training and exposure to live projects during the training.
  • HTML
    • What is Markup Language
    • Basic Structure of HTML
    • Difference Between HTML and XHTML
    • Head Section and Elements of Head Section
    • Meta Tags
    • Css Tags
    • Script Tag
    • Table Tag
    • Div Tag
    • Header Tags
    • Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
    • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
    • Image Tag
    • Object Tag
    • Iframe Tag
    • Forms
    • Form Tag
    • Attributes of Form
    • POST and GET Method
    • Fieldset and Legend
    • Text input, Text area
    • Checkbox and Radio Button
    • Dropdown, List and Optgroup
    • File Upload and Hidden Fields
    • Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
    • Creating a Live Website Form
    • HTML Validators
  • CSS
    • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
    • Types of CSS
    • CSS Selectors
    • Universal Selector
    • ID Selector
    • Tag Selector
    • Class Selector
    • Sub Selector
    • Child Combinatory Selector
    • Adjacent Sibling Selector
    • Attribute Selector
    • Group selector
    • First-line and First-letter selector
    • Before and After Selector
    • CSS Properties
    • Type Properties
    • Background Properties
    • Block Properties
    • Box Properties
    • List Properties
    • Border Properties
    • Positioning Properties
    • Real-time Implementation
    • Conversion of Table to CSS Layout
    • CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical)
    • Form Designing
  • Java Script
    • Introduction to Client Side Scripting
    • Introduction to Java Script
    • Javascript Types
    • Variables in JS
    • Operators in JS
    • Conditions Statements
    • Java Script Loops
    • JS Popup Boxes
    • JS Events
    • JS Arrays
    • Working with Arrays
    • JS Objects
    • JS Functions
    • Using Java Script in Realtime
    • Validation of Forms
    • Related Examples
  • jQuery
    • Introduction to jQuery
    • jQuery Features
    • Installing jQuery
    • jQuery Syntax
    • jQuery Ready Function
    • jQuery Selectors
    • jQuery Actions
    • jQuery plugins
    • jQuery Validation plugin
    • jQuery Slideshow
    • jQuery Dropdown
    • jQuery UI
    • Working with jQueryUI
    • jQuery Accordions
    • jQuery Tabs
    • jQuery Tooltips
    • jQuery Autocomplete
  • Bootstrap
    • Introduction to Responsive Design
    • Mobile first design concepts
    • Common device dimensions
    • View-port tag
    • Using css media queries
    • Menu conversion script
    • Basic Custom Layout
    • Introduction to Bootstrap
    • Installation of Bootstrap
    • Grid System
    • Forms
    • Buttons
    • Icons Integration
    • Using CSS3 in Practical Layout
  • Web Hosting with Live Project
    • Web Hosting Basics
    • Types of Hosting Packages
    • Registering domains
    • Defining Name Servers
    • Using Control Panel
    • Creating Emails in Cpanel
    • Using FTP Client
    • Maintaining a Website
    • Clients Requirement Analysis
    • Planning the Website
    • Creating the HTML/CSS Structure
    • Creating project using Bootstrap
    • Integration of Features using JS and jQuery
    • Project Testing
  • PHP
    • Why PHP and MySQL?
    • Server-Side Scripting Overview
    • Getting Started with PHP
    • Exploring PHP Syntax and Variables
    • Understanding PHP Control Structures and Functions
    • Passing Information with PHP
    • Learning PHP String Handling
    • Knowing Arrays
    • Learning PHP Number Handling
    • Advanced Array Functions
    • Examining Regular Expressions
    • Working with the File System
    • Working with Cookies and Sessions
    • Learning PHP Types
    • Performing Math with PHP
    • PHP Troubleshooting
  • Advance PHP
    • Introducing Object-Oriented PHP
    • Object Oriented PHP
    • Securing PHP
    • Learning PHP Configuration
    • Handing Exceptions with PHP
    • Debugging PHP Programs
    • Learning PHP Style
    • Using Log Files to Improve Your Site
    • Part IV - Connections
    • Sending E-Mail with PHP
    • Integrating PHP and JavaScript
    • Integrating PHP and AJAX
    • Part V - Object Oriented PHP and PHP Framework
    • Advanced OOP - how to plan and structure your code for OOP
    • Implementing MySQL CRUD in Object Oriented PHP
    • Common PHP Frameworks - an overview
    • CodeIgniter
    • Tests & Projects on PHP Framework
  • Connection PHP & MySQL
    • Introducing Database and MySQL
    • Installing MySQL
    • Learning Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • Learning Database Administration and Design
    • Integrating PHP and MySQL
    • Performing Database Queries
    • Integrating Web Forms and Databases
    • Improving Database Efficiency
    • PDO or PHP Data Object
    • MySQL Troubleshooting
  • MySQL
    • Database Basics
    • What is RDBMS
    • SQL Basics
    • Showing Databases
    • Using Databases
    • What is the Role of Tables, Rows, and Fields
    • Showing Tables, Columns
    • Creating a Database and Table
    • Column Types-String and Numeric
    • Search Criteria for Retrieving Data from a Table
    • Updating an Existing Data
    • Altering a Table completely
    • Keys and Indexes in MySQL
    • Operators in MySQL
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Numeric Comparison Operators
    • String Comparison Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • Regular Expressions
  • Practical with MySQL Database
    • Querying your data Sorting, Grouping and Arranging Retrieved Data Limiting Numbers of Results Joining Tables (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Join etc.) More on Joining Tables Data Aggregation- sum(), avg(), max(), min(), count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(), round(), format() etc.
  • Live Project
    • Web Hosting Basics Types of Hosting Packages Registering domains Defining Name Servers Using Control Panel Creating Emails in Cpanel Using FTP Client Maintaining a Website Clients Requirement Analysis Planning the Website Creating the HTML/CSS Structure Creating project using Bootstrap Integration of Features using JS and jQuery Project Testing


Free Domain(1 Year Uptil 500/-)

Free Web Hosting(1 Year)

Free Business Mail(1 Year)

Free SSL(1 Year)

Free WordPress Course

Free Video Marketing Softwares
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Best Digital Marketing Course

Our latest digital marketing courses includes everything from digital marketing basics, SEO, SEM, Google ads, Facebook Ads, Mobile Marketing, WordPress, Ecommerce and many important topics.


Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a visual communication and various methods are used to combine a symbol, words, messages, images to send a strong message through visual communication.

Graphic Designing course is correlated to web designing, digital marketing and has a strong niche. Every Company needs to promote its products through visuals, pictures that sends a clear message to customer with a long lasting impression on the mind.

Graphic designers can design anything you see around like:

  • Brochures
  • Logos
  • Magazine Covers
  • Presentations
  • Catalogues
  • Posters & Banners
  • Business Cards

Software You Master


  • Navigating Photoshop
  • Tools and Interfaces
  • Raster vs Vector
  • Working with Layers
  • Images, Rulers, Guides
  • Hyper Real Illustrations
  • Templates & Apps Design
  • Image Enhancements Tips
  • Applying Filters/Effects
  • Low Poly Illustrations
  • Color Theory & Modes

Premiere Pro

  • Navigating Premiere Pro
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Editing
  • Multicam Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Title
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Export & Share


  • Navigating Illustrator
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Logo Making
  • Designs for Prints & Web
  • Work on Blend, Mesh Tool
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Exporting PNG, EPS & PDF
  • Work on Paths & Pen Tool
  • Type & Touch Type Tool
  • Advanced Tips & Shortcuts
  • Applying 3D, Filters/Effects

After Effects

  • Navigating After Effects
  • Animation & Basic Character Animation
  • Character Rigging
  • Masking
  • Text Animation
  • Motion Tracking
  • 3D
  • Create After Effects Templates
  • Effects & Presets
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