Hardware Courses

ASP.NET Web Developement

Duration: Six Months

ASP .NET is a set of Web development tools provided by Microsoft .We are the Market leader in .net application development and training in Bathinda . Web Applications are becoming most popular now-a-days . Now we can Edit Photos online, Manage records in database, Create Docs without installing Word processors etc. ASP.NET is a web framework that help us to create such applications. The main advantage of framework is that it can use Asp .net training.

Short Term Course

Gurukull certified Hardware & Networking Professional

Duration: One Year

Welcome to GCHNP Course. The Widely professional and job oriented program in which you learn Hardware, Networking and Chip Level Repair learning that helps you to grab a job easily.

One Year Diploma Course

Oprating System(OS) and Hardware

Duration: 2 Months

This course includes O/S installation ,user and internet security ,desktop customization ,backup & restore point, advanced boot options & troubleshooting. Processor, Ram, motherboard ,s.m.p.s ,storage media, input device , printer ,laptop ,scanner ,modem.

Short Term Course

Chip Level Repair (CLR)

Duration: 2 Months

Chip level Repair(CLR) Course includes testing and troubleshooting of laptop ,motherboard ,all types of printer ,S.M.P.S, using SMD rework station and with Debug card. Basic electronics :- current voltage, resistance ,capacitor,inductor ,diode ,transistor(mosfet), multimeter testing of all these component.

Short Term Course

Basic Electronics

Duration: One Month

Basic Electronics course includes bohr,s model ,current and voltage, kirchaff’s law ,resistance ,inductor ,capacitor ,semiconductor ,diode ,transistor, transformer. analog & digital signal ,number system, basic gates, flip flop.& More...

Short Term Course3e


Duration: Three Months

Learn how to be a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) that proves that you have the comprehensive set of skills to perform a particular IT job role. Course includes network basic ,types of network ,osi model ,ip addressing ,network component ,topology ,transmission media ,wired & wireless network .network architecture .network protocol. & More...

Short Term Course