Introduction to Web Development Course

Web Development Course Training

Web development broadly includes all the tasks that are related to development of a website, our expert training modules focuses on various client side or server side languages such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, WordPress, C++. JAVA, SQL, Python and much more. We ensure 100% practical training and exposure to live projects during the training.

Future of Web Development

Web development is the backbone of the digitalization, companies have moved from physical marketing to Digital Marketing, and your Website is a face of your Digital Front.
Companies needs to generate leads, increase band awareness, promote various campaigns and all these activites are happening ultimately to increase the traffic and bring the customer to their digital front (WebSite).
All govt. departments, private companies, E-Commerce Companies, Service Sector need developers to build their online presence with Website being the Soul of their Online Presence and Campaigns.
Web development Jobs are growing at a Sly Rocket Speed of 27% Year on Year and is set to maintain the speed in the coming decade, so make your way to the highly rewarding Career with Gurukull.

Job Opportunities in Web Development Career

The various Career options in Web Development Career are:
PHP Developer
Java Developer
JavaScript Programmer
Database Designer
Sql Developer
Python Develoepr
C++ Developer
WordPress Developer

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Long Term Course


Website Development Course Outline


  • Why PHP and MySQL?
  • Server-Side Scripting Overview
  • Getting Started with PHP
  • Exploring PHP Syntax and Variables
  • Understanding PHP Control Structures and Functions
  • Passing Information with PHP
  • Learning PHP String Handling
  • Knowing Arrays
  • Learning PHP Number Handling
  • Advanced Array Functions
  • Examining Regular Expressions
  • Working with the File System
  • Working with Cookies and Sessions
  • Learning PHP Types
  • Performing Math with PHP
  • PHP Troubleshooting

Short Term Course

Advance PHP

  • Introducing Object-Oriented PHP
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • Securing PHP
  • Learning PHP Configuration
  • Handing Exceptions with PHP
  • Debugging PHP Programs
  • Learning PHP Style
  • Using Log Files to Improve Your Site

Part IV - Connections

  • Sending E-Mail with PHP
  • Integrating PHP and JavaScript
  • Integrating PHP and AJAX

Part V - Object Oriented PHP and PHP Framework

  • Advanced OOP - how to plan and structure your code for OOP
  • Implementing MySQL CRUD in Object Oriented PHP
  • Common PHP Frameworks - an overview
  • CodeIgniter
  • Tests & Projects on PHP Framework

Short Term Course

Connection PHP & MySql

  • Introducing Database and MySQL
  • Installing MySQL
  • Learning Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Learning Database Administration and Design
  • Integrating PHP and MySQL
  • Performing Database Queries
  • Integrating Web Forms and Databases
  • Improving Database Efficiency
  • PDO or PHP Data Object
  • MySQL Troubleshooting

Short Term Course


  • Database Basics
  • What is RDBMS
  • SQL Basics
  • Showing Databases
  • Using Databases
  • What is the Role of Tables, Rows, and Fields
  • Showing Tables, Columns
  • Creating a Database and Table
  • Column Types-String and Numeric
  • Search Criteria for Retrieving Data from a Table
  • Updating an Existing Data
  • Altering a Table completely
  • Keys and Indexes in MySQL
  • Operators in MySQL
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Numeric Comparison Operators
  • String Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Regular Expressions

Short Term Course

Practical with MySQL Database

  • Querying your data
  • Sorting, Grouping and Arranging Retrieved Data
  • Limiting Numbers of Results
  • Joining Tables (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Join etc.)
  • More on Joining Tables
  • Data Aggregation- sum(), avg(), max(), min(), count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(), round(), format() etc.

Short Term Course

Live Projects

  • Web Hosting Basics
  • Types of Hosting Packages
  • Registering domains
  • Defining Name Servers
  • Using Control Panel
  • Creating Emails in Cpanel
  • Using FTP Client
  • Maintaining a Website
  • Clients Requirement Analysis
  • Planning the Website
  • Creating the HTML/CSS Structure
  • Creating project using Bootstrap
  • Integration of Features using JS and jQuery
  • Project Testing

Short Term Course

Why You Study

  • Developing a Weblog
  • Content Management System
  • Online Store
  • Inquiry Management System
  • Students Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Lab Management System
  • Test or Exams Management Application
  • Fee Management System
  • Data Driven Personal Folio
  • Dynamic Image/ Video/ Audio Gallery App
  • Bulk/ Mass E-mail App
  • Batch E-mail App etc

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